Chocolate Dates

250 gr.

Arabia's riches are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and so on. They are not just an extraordinary source of energy but offer relief from many symptoms like intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual disorders, diarrhea, and many more.

A single persimmon grain supplies you with the calories you need to work a day of activity and vitality. Honey is considered as a vitamin mine because it contains calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, chlorine, vitamins A, B1, B2 and D.

1. Heart health

Potassium found in dates reduces the risk of stroke. Moreover, if you include dates in your diet you will lower the bad cholesterol level. Bad cholesterol accumulates on the walls of the blood vessels by blocking them and significantly jeopardizing the heart. High levels of bad cholesterol imply that the heart is endangered by immediate blockages that may occur in the blood vessels. Eating badminton can reduce bad cholesterol and keep your heart safe.

2. Energy levels

Arabia's honey is packed with natural sugars that include: fructose, sucrose and glucose. This makes them a favorable food for those who need to increase their energy levels. Discard quick sweets that promise energy and consume some Arabia dates. The fiber they contain will prevent uncontrolled blood sugar eruptions, as is the case with other cakes.

3. Improve the digestive system

Arabic charms contain a considerable amount of soluble fiber that is essential to a good digestive system because it manages to orient the water where the body most needs: the digestive system. This tactic helps the body avoid constipation.
Potassium found in Arabia's palms helps to treat diarrhea and other stomach problems. Because they are brown, the dates of Arabia are considered equilibrated in the digestive tract. Generally, brown foods are excellent for digestion. Moreover, the dates strengthen the good bacteria in the stomach.

4. Treat and prevent anemia

Anemia affects many people whose iron needs are great. Charms are an excellent source of iron that makes them necessary against anemia. Raise iron levels by consuming at least 3 days a day.

5. Bones, blood and immune system

Hurts contain magnesium, manganese and selenium. The latter is a mineral necessary for preventing cancer. These minerals are needed to keep the bones strong and healthy blood. In addition to flavor, this is one more reason to consume three dates a day. Last but not least, Arabia's palms are good for health, though they have a high fructose level. Even if your diet keeps you away from sugar and sweet products that include coconut sugar, honey, corn syrup etc, do not forget to consume fruit. When selecting dates on the market, look for fruits whose skin is soft and not wrinkled. Do not solve the odor with strange or very strong odor. Arabian dried meats are kept in the fridge and stay for up to a year. Moisture groans should be stored in well insulated containers and can stay up to 8 months.

6. Strengthen the liver and improve its detoxification performance.

Strengthen the muscles.

8. Fighting nervous stress, improving the performance of the thyroid glands and blood vessels.

9. Corrosion of the throat severity and remove secretions. Wounds freshen the intestines and protect them from infections.

10. Cleanse the kidneys and normalize urination.

11. If you do not know, they are both food and medicine for children. Hurties contain natural sugar, which is easily absorbed and digested, so it is safe and beneficial for the stomach of the intestines of children. Milk juice mixed with milk is also very useful, with many nutritional and nutritional values ​​for both children and adults.

12. A study published in 2011 confirmed a number of benefits to pregnant women who consumed dates. The study showed that women who had consumed dummies during pregnancy had a faster birth preparation phase than those who had not consumed. So, according to the study of whether women consumed Arabia Hurma in the last four weeks of pregnancy, they had an easier birth.