Zemzem Water

0.5 liter

For the water of Zemzem The Prophet says: "The water of Zemzem is the fulfillment of that purpose for which he drinks."

Zemzem water source is interesting that it is located 80 kilometers from the coast. There is also no other source of water around it, which causes confusion among scientists. From the source of Zemzem, which is only 1.5 meters deep, during the pilgrimage period, millions of people drink water, but water levels do not diminish. Zemzem water beside other waters contains much more nutrients and minerals, but despite all its research, its source is still unknown.

Water is considered as water with special properties and features that can not be found in other simple waters.

Zemzem's water is rich in calcium and magnesium salts. These salts are a bit more in Zemzem water than in other waters. Another value of Zemzem's water is that it contains fluorites, which have the ability to kill microbes.

Another good thing about Zemzem's water is that it contains fluorspar, which have fruitful microbial action.
Zemzem's well has never dried up. Rather, he has always met the water needs. He has always maintained the same composition of salt and the same taste since it exists.

Zemzemi has never been treated chemically and has never been chlorinated, as is the case with city waters. Usually, in most wells there is biological growth and vegetation (algae, etc.). This makes their water unpleasant in taste and in the wind. But with Zemzem's well does not happen that way. There has never been any sign of biological growth.

Contemporary scientific research shows that coronary artery disease (heart attack) in places where people drink heavy water are rare.